TRANSCEND Toolbox (version 2)


Thursday, 29 February, 2024

This is the second version of the TRANSCEND Toolbox. It is meant to be used and evaluated in the first pilot activities: Disaster Resilience, Fighting Crime and Terrorism, and Cybersecurity. The Toolbox will be further developed, based on findings from these pilot activities, in an iterative process. The next version of the Toolbox, Version 3, is planned for month 24, and will be used in the Border Management pilot activities. This document is a formal project deliverable (D1.4). A public-facing version will be created, with more attractive and accessible layout and design, but the content will remain largely identical. The public-facing version will also be made available online.

The Toolbox comprises five sections: Introduction, which will be omitted in the public-facing version of the Toolbox; Guidelines, which functions as an introduction in the public-facing version; Methods to organise societal engagement, e.g. to involve citizens and collaborate with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs); Methods to assess and integrate ethics, human rights, and societal aspects and concerns in the design and deployment of technologies in the security domain; and Examples, to illustrate how various methods can be used in practice in various domains—this section will be revised and improved, based on findings from the pilot activities. Moreover, the Toolbox includes a range of Appendices; notably Worksheets with practical instructions for organising collaboration and facilitating meetings.


Marc Steen, TNO
Nof Afghani, Fraunhofer
Krzysztof Garstka, TRI UK
Gabriela Bodea, TNO
Bruno Oliveira Martins, PRIO
Elena Falomo, Code for All
Leanne Cochrane, TRI UK