Initial Exploitation and Sustainability Plan


Friday, 12 April, 2024

The TRANSCEND project represents a transformative approach in the realm of security research and innovation, aiming to significantly enhance the involvement of civil society. By developing and implementing a comprehensive Toolbox and Framework, the project seeks to align technological advancements in security with societal needs and values, fostering a more inclusive, transparent, and responsive security research environment. This deliverable outlines TRANSCEND’s strategic exploitation objectives, including stakeholder engagement, continuous adaptation of tools and methodologies, sustainable impact planning, policy influence, network expansion, and ongoing improvement efforts. Through these initiatives, TRANSCEND is set to maximise the exploitation potential of its outputs, with the aim of redefining the landscape of security research, ensuring that it addresses and integrates the perspectives and concerns of civil society, thus leading to more ethical, effective, and democratically grounded security solutions.


Guillaume Brumter, EOS
Anna Pomortseva, EOS
Elodie Reuge, EOS
Beki Hooper, TRI
Nof Afghani, Fraunhofer
Bamba Niang, EFUS
Bruno Oliveira Martins, PRIO
Mark Steen, TNO