Pilot strategy


Friday, 1 September, 2023

This deliverable presents an overview of the planning process for the TRANSCEND pilot activities, encompassing considerations on citizen involvement in technical research and development, an analysis of the fields where citizen engagement will be tested, and the initial steps towards implementation.

Chapter 1 defines our understanding of security technologies while emphasizing the importance of public engagement. It discusses the challenges and obstacles that have hindered progress in this field.

Chapter 2 introduces a stage-gate process for involving citizens in technology development. It explores how the principles of “Responsible Research and Innovation” can be translated into practical elements for engaging stakeholders and citizens. We basically address the questions of who should participate, what should be discussed and what methods should be used to do so.

Chapter 3 introduces four key fields of security research: Cybersecurity, Disaster Resilient Societies, Fight against Crime and Terrorism, and Border Management. It provides an overview of each field, examines potential problems and conflicts affecting citizens, and identifies key stakeholders that need to be involved in the engagement process.

Finally, Chapter 4 outlines the current plans for implementing citizen engagement through the pilot activities. It discusses the framework conditions and requirements for the pilots in each field. Additionally, it presents a concept of involving a network of cities to contribute real-life security projects and to mobilise citizens.


Michael Friedewald,Greta Runge; Fraunhofer ISI (authors)
Bruno Oliveira Martins; PRIO (author)
Ilyana Skalli, Bamba Niang; Efus (author)
Camilo Palacio; AuRC (author)
Elena Falomo; CodeforAll (reviewer)
Richa Kumar, Leanne Cochrane; TRI UK (reviewers)