Plan for Dissemination and Communication


Thursday, 27 April, 2023

TRANSCEND aims to improve practices of citizen and societal engagement in security R&I. The action will contribute to the uptake of effective methods for citizen and societal engagement throughout the EU, so that civil society are given a louder voice, a place at the right tables and security practitioners are motivated and equipped to enhance such participation. To that end, TRANSCEND will develop a Toolbox of methods to enhance the involvement of civil society in security R&I. Additionally, the TRANSCEND Framework will present guidelines on how to design and structure meaningful civil society and public engagement for societal impact assessment for security research technologies and present domain-specific instructions for the use of the TRANSCEND toolbox.

These goals required the TRANSCEND Consortium to be committed to build up the TRANSCEND Network and reach out the general public as well as researchers, solutions providers, end-users and public authority, in order to effectively gather inputs, raise public awareness over the topic and disseminate the project outputs.

Therefore, the following Communication and Dissemination Plan was designed with the aim to firstly define the objectives, secondly identify the relevant audiences and their needs, and thirdly develop a consistent tailored method to engage the different stakeholders.

For this purpose, the Consortium partners based the Communication and Dissemination Plan on a multi-dimensional approach integrating the targeted audience profiles, the activities undertaken, such as the WP and pilots and the level of engagement. This approach resulted in key messages targeting specific stakeholders and focusing on specific tasks carried by the consortium partners.

Finally, this deliverable also presents the tools, platforms and profiles supporting the strategy both internally and externally. As such, Social Media accounts were created, the project website designed and the content to be shared defined with a particular focus on BlogSpot, articles and newsletter.

The following strategy and the set of measures and actions will support TRANSCEND in engaging with relevant stakeholders and achieving the goals set out in the Grant Agreement.



Elodie Reuge, Giacomo Bianchi, Guillaume Brumter; EOS (lead contributors)
Leanne Cochrane, Corinna Pannofino; TRI UK/TRI IE (reviewers)
Bamba Niang, Ilyana Skalli; Efus (peer reviewers)
Lorin Camargo, Mar Marin; FMP (peer reviewers)