State of the art in methods for citizen and societal engagement


Friday, 20 October, 2023

This report provides an overview of methods for enhancing societal engagement in security research and technology development, in line with responsible research and innovation (RRI) principles. It discusses various methods for involving diverse societal actors in the innovation process, and presents a 4-step approach to organize societal engagement. In addition, advantages and disadvantages of societal engagement in security research are examined, emphasising the importance of ethical considerations, stakeholder diversity, and collaboration. The report provides guidelines to involve and collaborate with stakeholders, and provides a selection of effective engagement methods, catering to the different pilots in the TRANSCEND project.


Nof Afghani, Fraunhofer ISI
Ralf Lindner, PhD, Fraunhofer ISI
Marc Steen, PhD, TNO
Richa Kumar, PhD, TRI UK
Elena Falomo, Code for All
Leanne Cochrane, PhD, TRI UK