The TRANSCEND Network is a community of security technology end users, including but not limited to civil society organisations, border guards, first responders, and national and EU security agencies and policymakers.

We, the researchers behind the TRANSCEND project, believe the Network can enable and empower individuals and organisations to participate actively and creatively in processes of design and deployment of security technologies.

Benefits of being a Network member

Members of our Network will have access to TRANSCEND’s latest research, with the opportunity to provide input and, ultimately, inform research outputs.

Members will have exclusive access to discussions, Webinars, and questionnaires and will be encouraged to actively participate in the research design process.

We believe that communication between experts in different security technology domains will be beneficial for everyone, and will result in more inclusive, reliable and effective project results.

How to Join

If you would like to follow our updates but do not want to join the Network, please follow our LinkedIn page and sign-up for our newsletter. 

If you would like to find out more about the Network before joining our community, please do get in touch at

We invite individuals and organisations who use security technology to join our Network. You can do so by joining our LinkedIn group.

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